A-town boxing gym: impact partnership

Our founder Lisa recently joined the boys in blue (Pete and Steve) in supporting the A-Town Boxing Gym's 'Champion for Life' program.

This is a weekly boxing/discipline program run by Jamie Roberts and AJ at Haeata Community Campus (Aranui, Avondale & Wainoni schools) in Christchurch.

It was pretty special and humbling to do pads for a group of 10 year old kids who need these role models to thrive and be successful future Champions.

One boy came up to Lisa and said "hi! I'm *** and I live with my grandparents. My mum died 5 years ago from cancer". There was no response available for such a quick introduction - but Lisa Iistened to the wee boy talk of his home life.

He doesn't even know his dad because he doesn't see him, a bit of emotion in his voice and a touch of anger, "he's never been there for me growing up".

Lisa saw and heard his pain. She briefly told him her son doesn't see his dad much either - and he looked at her with a ‘wow’ expression.

He had good discipline, clean shots and positive energy. We were pretty proud of this young man.

The Champion for Life program is an initiative in the East of ChCh hitting the point between need and external supports.

This is the type of work Social Currency supports; we're looking at providing some growth mindset resources for the kids to complement the program.

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Lisa Mead