Xero roadshow: social impact interview

The Xero roadshow hit Christchurch recently, and our founder Lisa got to meet our wonderful Xero account manager Kaitlen O’Connor.

Did you know?

We incorporate social impact in our vision and mission, which means we are for purpose, as well as profit.

We talk about our mission of changing intergenerational statistics around crime, poverty and low educational attainment, for at-risk Kiwi kids. 

Check out the interview Social Currency did with Xero's global comms Dina Veljanovska about Social Currency and the changing world of accounting:

We also discuss using Xero software in our firm, what the purpose of Social Currency is and being a purpose-driven accounting and business advisory firm.

Xero enables us to bring efficiency into what we do, and helps our clients have more accurate financial reporting for better decision making and a strategic approach to their business.

Lisa Mead