Youth Alive Trust: impact partnership

We’ve recently partnered with Youth Alive Trust, and started the relationship by making a donation of $5,000 towards their mentoring program on the East of Christchurch.

They have recently employed a mentoring coordinator, to increase and formalise the mentor and mentee relationships in their community, and are looking for new funding sources to support this initiative. 

We are proud to back this initiative which we believe is so valuable for long-term sustainable social change and breaking the cycle.

Finn and his mentor Paddy - YAT, New Brighton

Finn and his mentor Paddy - YAT, New Brighton

Finn and Paddy have been meeting for about a year, and get together each week for chats; sometimes they go to the gym, sometimes they skate, sometimes do a community project and recently Finn has started helping Paddy with some of the children’s programmes he runs at Youth Alive Trust.  

Finn doesn’t have a Dad at home or any other male role models. He left mainstream school in Year 10 and now does a correspondence course. He freely admits that he looks to his mentor for guidance, “Paddy’s easy to talk to. He helps me to sort out the stuff that’s going around in my head. He’s one of the good guys”.  

Paddy had some very tough experiences as a teenager himself, and that is one of the reasons he’s so passionate about supporting young people like Finn, “I was being hit at home, and I never had the courage to tell anyone. It’s difficult to see what’s happening in the head of a teenager, but I’m in a privileged role of walking alongside someone who I have built trust with, and talks to me in confidence.  Now I get to watch Finn work with other boys and be a role model to them too – I love it”. 

Want to join us to support more kiwi kids?

We provide accounting and social impact reporting services with 10% of sales going to support success in at-risk kiwi kids.

Any client who comes to SC through YAT means 10% of what they pay for accounting, business advisory or social impact measurement/reporting goes straight to funding the amazing work this charity does for our young people.

We are proud to be supporting this charity and being a part of creating an even playing field for these kids.

Youth Alive Trust is celebrating its 30th Birthday in 2019, and runs a wide variety of programmes for young people and families on the east of Christchurch. 

If you’d like to find our more or support their work, you can visit their website:

Lisa Mead