Cholmondeley children's centre: impact partnership

Social Currency is proud to be supporting Cholmondeley as one of our four key Charity Partnerships.

Cholmondeley does great work in the Canterbury area providing crucial support to our rangatahi in need.

By providing a home away from home, so far we’ve donated the equivalent of 106 sponsored stays. Overnight stay donations cover the cost of providing uniquely child-centred care and education that is focused on building resilience.

Dusty and Friends, care of Sarah Tillott and The School for Living, Australia

Dusty and Friends, care of Sarah Tillott and The School for Living, Australia

We’ve also organised and donated training for 10 teaching staff on emotional regulation capability.

We provided the educational book series Dusty and Friends, which along with the teacher training came from The School for Living based in Australia. The programme, Dusty and Friends, helps to build resilience and social / emotional wellbeing in children using strengths based approach. Dusty and Friends has been formulated using evidence based principals.

The books are now available to the on average 500 children per year staying at Cholmondeley.

We’ve chosen to Partner with Cholmondeley, and provide these resources totalling $6,780 invested to date, to support our young people coming through the doors in need of additional support.

Cholmondeley has cared for more than 25,000 children since 1925

On the 24th of May, our Founder Lisa, along with Hannah from Ngātahi, volunteered to collect donations to support Cholmondeley’s street appeal, as part of their first Awareness Month.

The support and donations were hugely appreciated and the kids who benefit are so deserving.

The amazing place they get to stay when things aren’t perfect at home needs our continued community support to run.

All aspects of Cholmondeley’s service are underpinned by a philosophy of care based on the rights of children.

We believe in the mana and rich potential of every child, and centre our care and education on helping them to develop their own strengths.

Any client who comes to Social Currency through the Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, by referencing CCC when contacting us, this means that 10% of what they pay for accounting, business advisory or impact reporting goes straight to funding the amazing work this charity does for our young people.

We are proud to be alongside some pretty epic organisations supporting this charity and our rangatahi.

By partnering with Cholmondeley we can help to ensure that kiwi kids can be successful when they are older, regardless of risk factors. We can change inter-generational statistics by providing critical support.

Lisa Mead