Our Charity Partnerships

Charities and organisations working with youth benefit from aligning with Social Currency to receive donations from referred clients; these are ‘Charity impact partnerships’.

Our focus is on building strategic partnerships with a core group of organisations doing work to build resilience in at-risk kiwi kids, but we are always looking for other opportunities to help support organisations in the areas that are are important in achieving the mission and vision of Social Currency.

We collaborate as much as possible in pursuit of greater impact.

Accounting firms can benefit from partnering with Social Currency to receive referrals in exchange for donating 10% of referred client fees to our charities that support at-risk youth. We also collaborate with organisations who want to support our cause. Both accounting and supporting organisations are ‘business impact partnerships’.


Business Impact Partnerships


Charity partnerships are created in a corporate sponsorship model through cause related marketing with a focus on sustainable social change.

So far we’ve donated over $26,000 to supporting at-risk youth.

We’ve been operating since November 2017 and have big goals to increase the impact with our partners in 2019.


Who we support