Charities and organisations working with youth can benefit from aligning with Social Currency to receive donations from referred clients; these are ‘impact partnerships’.

Our focus is on building strategic partnerships with a core group of organisations doing work to build resilience in at-risk kiwi kids, but we are always looking for other opportunities to help support organisations in the areas that are are important in achieving the mission and vision of Social Currency.

We collaborate as much as possible in pursuit of greater impact.

Accounting firms can benefit from partnering with Social Currency to receive referrals in exchange for donating 10% of referred client fees back to charities that support at-risk youth, via Social Currency. We also collaborate with organisations who want to support our cause. Both accounting and supporting organisations are ‘business partnerships’.

Impact partnerships

Big brothers big sisters OF CANTERBURY (Mentoring PARTNER)

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a charity partner. We donate to BBBS to provide funding for mentoring of at-risk kids.

For any client referred to us via BBBS, 10% of those fees are donated to BBBS (ongoing).


CHOLMONDELEY CHILDREN’S CENTRE, GOVERNORS BAY (supporting vulnerable Canterbury kids)

Cholmondeley is a charity partner. We donate to Cholmondeley to provide short-term emergency and planned respite care to children (aged 3-12) in times of family stress or crisis.

Any client referred to us via Cholmondeley, means 10% of fees are donated directly to this amazing work.

We’re working on finalising a fourth Charity partnership - check back soon to find out more!


A-town boxing gym, champion for life program (exercise & discipline partner)

We are working with Jamie Roberts, owner of A-Town boxing gym who runs the Champion for Life boxing and discipline program for at-risk kiwi kids.

charity partners

Charity partnerships are created in a corporate sponsorship model through cause related marketing with a focus on sustainable social change.

So far we’ve donated over $15,500 to supporting at-risk youth.

We’ve been operating since November 2017 and have big goals to increase the impact with our partners in 2019.


Kathryn Highley, professional dance instructor (exercise & discipline partner)

Kathryn is involved as a role model and contemporary dance teacher to help kids experience the fun of dance, and enjoy a positive experience.

youth alive trust logo 2.jpg


Youth Alive Trust is a charity partner. We donate to YAT to provide funding for mentoring of at-risk kids.

Again, any client referred to us via YAT, means 10% of fees are donated to YAT.

sfl 1.gif

The School for Living Australia, (Resilience Program PARTNER)

We are working with Sarah Tillott, owner of The School for Living which provides emotional regulation resources and training.


Business partnerships

We have collaborated with Fairground as one of our Partner accounting firms. This is a business partnership which will grow over time; 10% of fees for clients referred by us are used for good.

Fairground believe in a world where purpose-driven business is business-as-usual.  They mix business with social impact and are hugely passionate about supporting social enterprises & startups.

We love the alignment of purpose Social Currency has with Fairground.

Our Director, Lisa, with Alex at the 2014 Corporate Fight for Christchurch charity boxing event

Our Director, Lisa, with Alex at the 2014 Corporate Fight for Christchurch charity boxing event

Professional Director, Alex Skinner, provides a mentoring role to Social Currency which is invaluable.

We’re an Ākina certified supplier.

This means businesses looking to have an impact, can choose us from a social procurement platform called fwd:

emma smart.png

Emma Smart Creative has provided a huge amount of support to Social Currency in terms of marketing resources including images, videography and voice-over. The video launched on 1 September has been successful in sharing the Social Currency story.

We are working on finalising and creating further business partnerships in 2019. We’re growing our business to grow impact.