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What we do 

We're Chartered Accountants and business advisors with a focus on social impact. We provide specialist impact planning and reporting services for purpose-driven businesses.

We care about our clients and their success; we want to know everything about your business so we can work with you and increase your business confidence.

If you're in business and socially conscious, we want to give you an opportunity to create social impact with us. When you work with us, you’re also supporting mentors for young people, and local projects for rangatahi.

We donate 10% of revenue to youth charities and supporting positive role models.

Check out some of our services below.

Impact Business Planning

Impact Business Planning

  • Create an impact business plan with purpose and profit at the forefront - going above and beyond the numbers

  • Get the template we use that has worked in practise

Xero accounting software

Xero accounting software

  • Get set up on Xero

  • Learn how to use Xero to save time in your business

  • 10% discounts on Xero subscriptions

  • See if you qualify for our ‘zero to Hero’ promotion for 20% discounts

Impact measurement

Impact measurement

  • Define and test your impact targets

  • Create key impact measures

  • Report on more than just numbers

  • Increase the effectiveness of impact by evaluating financial and non-financial measures

Goal setting

Goal setting

  • Set financial targets based on historical, current and projected trading

  • Set non-financial targets related to business, life and purpose

  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Partnership Strategy

Partnership Strategy

  • Learn how to align your purpose with strategic partners

  • Focusing on businesses, individuals and not for profit organisations

  • Create an action plan and targets for your mission

Impact reporting

Impact reporting

  • Impact reports with transparent and values-driven reporting

  • Help with incorporating impact in your organisation

  • Engage your audience, key donors, community or potential donors

‘New to Business’

‘New to Business’

  • Meet/call to discuss your business and what you need help with

  • Receive recommendations including expenses to claim and ACC

  • GST filing, assets and depreciation

  • Advice for your next steps

Financial and strategic reviews

Financial and strategic reviews

  • Have your balance sheet and business operating model reviewed

  • Have your structure, tax efficiency and profitability reviewed

  • Costing analysis, sustainability, income streams and ideal earnings

Accounting and Tax support

Accounting and Tax support

  • Have your income tax, GST & annual accounts sorted

  • Get accurate financial statements and record keeping to be in the best position for growth, planning & goal setting

Why our youth need our support

+/-   90,000 kids live in material hardship

+/-   155,000 kids live in households that go without things they really need

We want to create a level playing field full of strong mindsets and success chasers. Our aim is to change inter-generational statistics around crime, poverty and low-educational attainment in vulnerable and at-risk kiwi kids.

We believe that building resilience in children to create an 'even playing field' through mentoring, positive role models, a growth mindset and positive physical activity can create that change.

Join us to create social impact.

Client information: 2019 financial year

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