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By investing by way of donation to our work you are helping to create change and make a positive social impact.

Our projects include in-school mental and physical resilience programs with boxing and dance, incorporating the use of technology and online programs for at-risk kids and others.

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We envision a day when every New Zealand child is on the same playing field mentally and physically regardless of background and risk factors.

Success is positive change, we are aiming to make waves in the accounting industry to allow people to choose a tangible impact they can have on the future.

We are working with various organisations in order to enable those defined by statistics and circumstance as vulnerable or at risk to thrive, belong and achieve in their lives in the same ways as those who are not exposed to risk factors.

We aim to positively change the socio-economic landscape of the future of New Zealand by creating equal opportunity futures for kiwi kids regardless of race, religion, education, gender or background.

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We aim to:

Target early investment in the lives of at-risk children, help children and young people develop life-long success capabilities, and help young people to lead crime free lives.

Our operating model incorporates:

A child-centred approach - High aspirations for all kiwi kids

An investment approach - Strategic partnerships

A professional practice framework - Engaging New Zealanders